About the Project

The main aim of the NEB

To provide free access of the citizens of the Russian Federation to the electronic funds of federal, regional and municipal libraries as well as to the funds of academic and educational institutions via the Internet.

The strategy of organizing the NEB

The key tasks

Since 2004 The Project of the National Electronic Library (NEB) has been developed by the chief Russian libraries under the auspices of Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. At present the project of the NEB is supported by three members: the Russian State Library, the Russian National Library and the State Public Scientific and Technical Library of Russia. Nowadays about 30 libraries – partners participate in the project. The total volume of electronic documents of the NEB constitutes 15 million pages in electronic form and the library is being enlarged in accordance with the plan. At this moment the NEB includes documents that are not under the law of copyright or the right of its usage is transferred to the rights holder under contact. In 2013 it is planned to replenish the fund of the NEB by editions and collections from the funds of 15 libraries with total volume of 5 300 000 pages.